Monday, March 1, 2010

Part 1 of Baking

My sweet little boy has been down for his nap and my sweet husband who has the day off doing some stuff around the house. Its been a nice day so far and I have been able to get some stuff done cooking/baking wise!

I started off making 5 pre-measured bags of all the flours that the recipe uses for 2 loaves each to make making bread faster and easier! I use this recipe here.

Then I filled up all my pantry containers with my flours becuase its easier then pulling it out of my huge gallon buckets when I need some!

I also made up a recipe of this flour mix that I use as 1 cup of it = 1 cup of reg flour when a normal recipe calls for regular flour. Its a pretty good all around flour mix.

Then I made up the first batch of 2 loaves of bread (which is in the oven at the moment) and started dinner.
Also here is a short video clip I made to show you how the dough is compaired to normal dough when making your bread. Just so you know your doing it right! :-)

Next off is to make Gluten Free Flour Tortillas  and eat some with our lunch of carnie guisada! Share

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