Thursday, October 7, 2010

A few good Groupon Deals for you!

I LOVE Groupon! :-)

I have gotten ALOT of good deals around the web shopping and dining in our local town because of Groupon.
I JUST bought $25 worth of Dried fruit at NuttyGuys from a deal the other day for a grand total of $5.45 out of my pocket! 5 different fruits shipped to my door! (I do have refferal $ so I didn't pay a dime for the groupon! Just shipping!)

Heres a few deals that might interest you!

These are online deals so ANYONE can get them! Even if you don't live in that city! :-D LOVE IT!

Minneapolis/St. Paul (Deal Nearby)- You can get a $20 voucher to spend at for just $10, and 2-day shipping is included on orders over $25! Click thru here to get this one. limits one Groupon (ever) per account though, so if you’ve purchased one recently in another city, you won’t be able to use a second on the same account.
PLUS after you buy your Groupon and when you use the code TEXA1140 at you can get 20% off your FIRST order on TOP of the Groupon and Free Shipping!!!! 
So say if you ordered $32.00 worth of stuff, you would pay a total of $15.60 out of pocket! ($10 for groupon and extra $5.60 for the free shipping amount) :-D
(I'm going to order a new blow dryer I have needed to get since mine died! Some ziplock bags, dish washer liquid, hand soap, and mascara! All for $ $6.19 total! I had referral $!!! Awesomeness!)

San Antonio (Deal Nearby)- Get $30 worth of jewelry, scarves, handbags, and more from Blonde Birdie for $15. Shipping isn’t included. I saw cute Christmas items! Click thru here to get this one.

Oklahoma City (Deal Nearby)- Coffee Lovers! You can get $26 worth of organic coffee from The Bean Coffee Co. for $12. Shipping is not included. Click thru here to get this one.

Philadelphia (Deal Nearby)- Pick $35 worth of personalized baby, children clothes and gifts from The Initial Baby for $17. So fun for the baby coming! Click thru here to get this one.

You can get $10 in Groupon Bucks when someone you invite gets their first Groupon. There's no limit on how much you can earn!!!!!! Sign up here! Share

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Thanks for including our blonde birdie groupon on your blog!