Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How cute is that!

Last night I was in a sewing mood and decided to make something for Joshua.

I ended up making a cute little tool belt for the little Fixer upper!!

True store - My son got a Handy Manny tool set for his birthday. He LOVES it... and do you know that the screw driver can REALLY take out screws? UH yah... when I came across a toy of his that had the back, screw, and batteries removed I was baffled as to how it got that way. And Joshua proceeded to show me how he did it. Uh oh! :-D So ya... He has tools and he KNOW how to use them people! :-D

The tool belt turned out SUPER cute and SUPER easy to make so I ( :-D ) knocked out of a few more out of some oh so cute fabrics I have left from their quilts.

Go check them out in my Etsy store! Great Christmas Present eh!

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Beth said...

Start 'em young! It will prove valuable, and he'll be employable. Thanks for sharing this great idea, and this adorable photo.