Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In a Meal Planning Rut?

You want to feed your family regular home-cooked meals, inspired meals, delicious meals. But who has the time to do all that menu designing and creative thinking?

This deal more than doubles your money towards 13 weeks of meal planning from Meals By The Week. Each menu is tied to sales and other offers at local supermarkets. The whole process couldn't be simpler: each week, when you get your weekly menu, you choose if you will be feeding two, four, six, or eight people. Then, go through your menu, deciding to "Keep It," "Double It," or "Skip It" for each option. After you've made your choices, click "I Like It" at the bottom of the menu to get your customized, printable grocery list.
You can try Meals by the week - $8 for a 13 week Meal Planning a $19 value!
And if your new to you can get the $5 credit by signing up thru this link! Making it only $3! Not a bad deal to try it out! Share

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