Thursday, June 13, 2013

Its been a long time...

Today had me recovering from a virus that has gone thru our little family that knocked me down pretty good. Plenty of laying around time that got me caught up on blogs I haven't visited in quite some time. Some had me laughing, some had me digging deep within me, and some even had me moved to tears. I love that.
And at the end of catching up I thought... why don't I blog anymore?

So what's been going on the last 2 years?

Hubby's trying to finish out his 4 yr degree. We are seeing the light at the end of a longggg tunnel! :-D Excited for him to be done with school!
We have our two growing like crazy boys.  The oldest who is almost 4! (Where does time go?) He is my smart witty boy. Has a smile that will melt your heart. The boy loves super hero's. He wants to be one when he grows up. :-) And one day wants to go to Costa Rica to see Volcanos... (I think he remembered from a book we read so that's where he's determined he is going one day!)
And my now 2 year old.... ah yes.. SO far we haven't had to make a trip to the ER with him... did I say so far? I do say that child is ready to jump off anything he can climb up! We've had a broken tooth, a few small cuts and tons of bruises and hopefully it will stay at that... And does he have a giggle that makes me laugh. I love it! Ah that boy! He loves dolphins and whales! Can you guess his favorite place to go? Sea world of course!
We've traveled lots of places... Oklahoma, Houston a lot, Galveston, to see Dinosaur Valley, Corpus, California, Austin, and even Camping! Camping with little kids is quite the adventure for sure! Oh the memories! And we have lots more places we want to see and camp at!
We've become foster-to-adopt- parents. That's a ride you that you never know where it will take you! And we haven't gotten off it yet! 10 sweet children have come into our home. 8 have gone. We have 2 sweet little girls that we adore right now. Only God knows how this story ends. Fostering has had its ups and downs. Saying goodbye to ones that have been with you for so long is heart wrenching pain. Thankful that God has a plan in each of these dear ones lives. Even if that means only being with us for a time. Its bitter sweet. Only a foster parent knows that kind of love and pain.
We can't wait to see who God has to become our forever kiddos one day. If that's what he has for us.
We have way to many deaths in both hubby's family and mine. But we've also had births of sweet nephews. So many boys!
Along with the many allergies this family has this girl has found some hidden treasure of knowledge when it comes to learning how to eat and lose this weight that has been here since the birth of 2 children no matter how hard I tried. Trim healthy Mama its called. :-) Lovin it!
So I can be the wife and mommy to 4 that are 3 and under. :-)

Will I blog again? Who knows... maybe... Share

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